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Sep 7, 2007
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Thanks for having the forum. I am in southern Louisiana. I am of course new to making Bath and Body products and am looking for advice and recommendations with recipes and products. My Question is I made a lotion and there is a layer of aloe juice at the bottom. ingre; shea butter 1 oz, cocconut oil 1 oz, apricot oil .40 oz, ewax .32 oz, stearic acid .64 oz, preservative .16 oz, fo .48 oz, aloe juice 12 oz blended oils with waters at 110 degrees what went wrong?
i used 2% nf ewax & 4% stearic acid triple press veg base
my formula was
75% aloe juice
15% oil
2% ewax
4% stearic acid
1% pres.
3% fo

I was told to use higher % of stearic acid than % of ewax to prevent waxy residue
how do i add more ewax or do i need to start fresh

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