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Jul 30, 2007
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Blue Springs, MO 64014
New to this forum--I absolutely adored making my own soap and playing with all the different ingredients and smells.

I had to give up on the soap making--wish I had found this a few years ago. When my grandchildren moved in, it was no longer a safe hobby for me. I really miss it.
Welcome to SMF ammaws! :D Another Missourian, too cool! I sure hope that soon you can take back up your/our profession, passion, craziness for the soapmaking arts! Gosh, i can't ever think of a time in the future where I would find it necessary to have to hang up my stick blender!
I'll be in a nursing home teaching CP classes to the other people in there! Can you tell I'm soap obsessed? LOL

Welcome to the form, enjoy!

Paul.... :wink:

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