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Dec 11, 2007
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Hi all!

I'm Frieda in Oklahoma. I'm a SAHM mom of 2 boys and 3 spoiled cats. I LOVE to read. Married to my sweet DH for 5 years. I worked 25 years for one company but have moved to another state. I've been a crafter for 30 years (a little bit of everything except scrapbooking and jewelry), CP soap for 4 years and MP before that. My beading experience was pretty much limited to seed bead weaving for artistic effect, but I'm looking into working with wire. I still don't have time to indulge all of them, but the crafts I have dabbled in include crochet, knitting, embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitch, hooked rugs and some punch embroidery. I tend to get bored easily, actually did finish projects I started in all of these, but I come back to crochet and cross stitch when not soaping. Soaping and working with B&B has eclipsed them all for me.

I love being able to control what goes into my soap. M&P was a fun introduction for me, and I may do something with it again, but I love being in control of what is going in the whole bar (or scrub, or cream soap, or LS). I don't ever have to worry about getting rid of it or getting tired of seeing it sitting on the mantle or hanging on the wall - or getting mud on it. :) It's not only useful, it's so far and away much better for our skin than anything I've ever used before. My DH is very supportive and will not ever use store bought soap again as long as I keep us supplied (his words).

I am in some different soap forums under this same name, and hope that eventually I will be able to contribute something that hasn't already been on the forum! My life sometimes gets too hectic to stay here at the computer (like Christmas last year - it was just nuts around here and the science fair at school before that), but I will try.

Hi and welcome to our fast growing soap making community of family friendly members! We love to chat and discuss new ideas, vendors, scents, you name it! Welcome aboard!

Paul... :wink:

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