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Jan 15, 2007
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I've been making these for several months now but I still need work pics and all.

Turquiose Happiness

Triple Wrap


Ruby's Eyes

Pink Memory Wire Bracelet


Gothic Desire

Emerald Paradise

Clearly Charmed

Clear Quartz with Blue Glass crystal
Oh wow, those are beautiful. I love beading, but can't seem to make it stay together. Always breaks after awhile.

Yours are great.
I tried the whole jewelry makin thing, but when i tried to sell the stuff, people only wanted the Swarvski (SP) crystal stuff. Um...have you seen the prices for those crystals??? CHA-CHING!!!

Yours are great tho!!!!
I was making Swarovski memory wire bracelets for a while, but no one was buying. So, now I have a nice collection for myself... that I never wear ;)
Thanks guys. Yeah swarovski is very expensive but i'm just experimenting and gave some away for xmas. Everyone seemed to like the jewelry but I'm not convinced that i'm ready to sell some. Need more practice. Thanks again guys
I like the Emerald Paradise best, but they all are very artistic and very creative.
Thanks neil! That bracelet took over three hours to make mostly because its strung on a double wire was very difficult for me and my first one!
Man are you one talented gal! Soap, jewelry, what next? Great job! :) you should put these up on Etsy. Phyllis started in trying to craft jewelry like this, but decided sewing was more her niche. They are all very professional. 8)

Really paul you think so? I'm still a beginner. I treat this hobby as I do with bath and body with much practice. I still don't feel that i'm ready for selling plus it takes time LOL. But thank you so much for the vote of confidence! My dream one day is to be busy like you well maybe not too busy LOL
pepperi27 said:
thank you lane and I lovvvve ur shirts!

If you are interested I'd love to have my models wear your jewerly when we do the photo shoot for my shirts!!! Even if you don't sell them yet, it would still be pretty neat to have everyone with crafted jewerly on! PM me if you think it might be a neat idea! :)

OhOh! You could use the pictures to sell the jewerly too! I could send you a disk with all the photos and send the jewerly back. :)
Thanks so much!


YEA!!!!! Look at my EARRINGS!!! I LOVE THEM!
Thank you!!!!

I only make soap, and so do you, so I don't have much to offer you. I can cook! But I can't ship "lasagna" easily! :?

If I can send you something, let me know...
Wow they look beautiful on your ears!! I love your curls my hair is naturally curly care to share secrets....LOL

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