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Mar 8, 2022
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I am very new to soap making, trying to make CP

I ran the soap recipe through the calculator and noticed the longevity is very low, ( i understand this means how long soap actually lasts when used?) I tried adjusting my hard oils but not managed to get it lets say to the minimum recommended amount

Here is my recipe
OO (pomace) 59%
Coconut oil (refined) 26%
Shea Butter 10%
castor oil 5%

superfat at 5%

Im trying not to include palm oil in my recipe . Do let me know if you need other info. thank you!
To increase longevity you need to increase the stearic + palmitic values in your soap recipe. Fats that contain the most stearic and/or palmitic include:
Animal fats - lard, tallow
Butters - shea, cocoa
Soy wax ( which is not really wax - it is hydrogenated soy bean oil

However, you can also get relatively good longevity from your recipe above if you cure it for a long time. OO makes quite a hard bar with good longevity in my experience, if cured for a least a year. I think it's better to reduce your superfat when using higher amounts of OO though.

You could try @Zany_in_CO's no-slime castile maybe?
Thanks so much. Personally I wouldn't mind using tallow but I was hoping to sell eventually and I think it puts some people off...
kiwimoose - thanks so much, very helpful.
when i enter soywax on the soap calc comes up with much better longevity! I now stumbled accross another topic where there is soywax in the soap some people have said to put the soap in the oven though, is this something that needs to be done?
i was thinking of the following combo
castor oil 11%
oo - 38%
soy wax -24%
coconut oil - 27%