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Oct 29, 2007
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Ok. I have found some FOs that say
" For use in candles, potpourri, incense, bath and body products, melt-n-pour soap" does that mean you can't use them in CP? What is the difference in the Fos for melt & pour over CP? Thank you for your help.
I've never seen one that mention MP and excluded CP. I've seen where it accelerates CP and is not recommended, but you can still use it.
I think that if it says bath and body, then you can use it in soap. It is more about whether or not the oil is safe for use on the skin than how it performs in the CP process. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
If it says it is safe for bath and body and MP, it's skin safe, but not for direct contact with the skin (like just out of the bottle)

When it comes to FOs in CP, you have to worry about if it will accelerate trace, seize your batch, cause big time discoloration (you also have to worry about this in MP) and as a whole, will the FO hold up to the heat and chemical reactions involved with CP. Will the FO last in the CP and will you have a nice strong scent at the end of your 4to 6 week cure.

It makes my head when buying FO's I generally try to ONLY buy ones that state, "Safe for cold process soap making"

But a lot of people here have tried a lot of FOs for a lot of different things...If you know the brand and name of what you are thinking about getting, more than likely, someone has tried it and can give you their notes on the scent.
It is from Natures Garden Candles. They have several. I have used their FO's and have been happy with them. But thought I should ask a few questions on this. Some of the FO that say this are.
French Vanilla
these are just some examples.
thanks for the comments.
Hmmm... I have never used their FOs... But I can tell you I am about 99% sure the vanilla one will go brown if not black... The best you can do is test them...if they are skin safe then your biggest worry is out of the way...

Anyone else know about these oils? They have good prices and I think I might need some...
There are 4 levels of fragrance saftey.

Candle safe refers to candles , potpourri, incense etc, NOT bath or body.

Soap safe refers to rinse off application EX) CP, M&P, shower gel & all of the above.

Skin safe refers to leave on applications like lotion, body mists and all of the above

Lip safe refers to items that can go on the lips like lip balms & all of the above.

(W/i the candle safe fragrances it may be split even further to accomodate gel candles & such but that is not an area of experitise for me)

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