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Oct 5, 2015
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New soaper here. :) Anytime I see something that I love, I decide I have to try and make it myself. That has led me to be a gardener, jeweler, beekeeper, fairy house maker, master of chile peppers, and builder of many copper garden structures. I had been selling our honey, but needed some way to use the wax I had been saving. In my research I came upon some beautiful soaps and decided to give it a go. Instantly hooked! So now I want to master soaping, so I can add that to my repertoire, and perhaps to my table at the Farmer's Market!

So much valuable information here -- and wonderful people! Very grateful for all those who have posted their failures for us to newbies to learn from, for those willing to share recipes, for those taking the time to moderate, etc. Thank you!
Welcome Katy

Now, you'll have to make a lot more soap, to get the hang of it.:evil:
Welcome, Katy! :wave:

Ditto the rather huge learning curve with soap-making to which Relle alluded, but thankfully, soap-making has a way of being quite addicting once you've made that first batch, so you're bound to never be in want of practice. :-D

Tip on the beeswax in soap: If you want your soap to lather and to not come out somewhat crumbly, just be sure to not use too much beeswax in your soap formulas. I myself don't like to go higher than 3% per pound of the oils in my recipes.

You can also use your beeswax to make lovely lip balms and candles. :thumbup:

IrishLass :)
Thank you!

Thanks all for the warm welcome. :) A couple photos attached of some of my past projects --
A couple of the necklaces that I made
A birdcage that I turned into a planter
A copper fence (and the edge of a gated arbor) that I made for my garden
And one of my fairy houses





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Hi and Welcome to the forum. Everything was so pretty but that bird house with the succulents were so very pretty. Yes I love succulents but I did not have too much success with them this first year. :sad: Well enjoy the forum and the best success on your new adventure in soap making.:smile:

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