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Oct 15, 2007
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I am also venturing into the soap making world. I have been studying the craft by buying and reading any soap making books I can get my hands on.
I am slowly buying my materials and should be ready within a few weeks. I am going the melt and pour route first. I'm not sure which way is the least expensive way to go. Glycerine is expensive, however, the various oils also are considering the amount needed for lye soap. Any tips? I'm so glad there are others out there like me. The way I see it, there is a return to the basics including soaps. One thing that puzzles me, I don't see very many selling homemade soaps at festivals, fairs, etc. Is there something I don't know? I think, perhaps if I get good at this, I may consider selling my soaps. Is there much of a market? Thanks to all! :)
Well hi and welcome to the forum! M&P is a nice way to start and many find great success with it. Dragonfly, Tab, are just a couple of the M&P soapmakers here how love that aspect of soap making. I like CP myself, been doing that for about 2 years now. Enjoy your stay here. Oh, yes, there are quite a few soap makers out there!

Paul.... :wink:

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