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Oct 3, 2007
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Hello all, I am brand new to soapmaking. A little disappointed right now, I was planning to make my first batch of soap tonight and I talked myself out of it. I have been studying soaping for about two months but I really think I need to read some more. I have watched a DVD on the cold process several times. Did anyone feel this way at first?
Oh well, I am very excited about soaping and would like to thank you all for the helpful tips that are on this forum. Guess I'll go make a scrub or something. Maybe try soaping again soon. :D
Nice to meet you! Umm I was a little nerves but I got over it quick.. that was almost 6 years ago now..

Hope we can help you out along your journey
Hi & welcome. It took me ages to get over being scared by all the warnings about lye. Once I finally had a go, I realised that as long as you take the recommended safety precautions, you will be fine.
Welcome! I second Irena's suggestion to absorb Miller's website. It's a great place to start.
Kathy Miller's site was my main online source for about 2 solid months before I even poured my first ounce of oils. 8) Read, read, ask, ask, then do, do, do. Planning ahead will save disappointments when the right time comes. Have fun, learn, then, we'll make soap with you! :) Welcome aboard! :D

Paul.... :wink:

Thanks for all of the helpful websites and tips. I feel better now that I have more materials to read (this along with all the books I've already bought)
I'll let you all know when I conquer my first batch...
Hello...I hope you go for it. I pondered over it for 2 years and I am kicking myself for all the time I lost. ENJOY
I'm new too, and I certainly understand your apprehension! I've almost read myself into a frozen state lol.
Pretty soon I'm just going to go for it!
Have fun!

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