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Feb 17, 2020
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My name is Sharon. I’m not so great at introductions, hence my long delay. I’m a bit of a procrastinator, too, so always think that I’ll “do that in a bit” 😏 Anyhow, I’ve lurked here long enough and my new resolution is to follow through with things, so here goes!

I live in Ohio and have been making soap for about 7 years. I mostly make it for my family use but do gift some, and sell an occasional bar when asked by family or friends.I’ve never really been into science but the science aspect of soaping amazes me. I mostly just enjoy experimenting and creating.

I had plans to open a small soap business in early 2020. But the C-19 happened and I knew it wasn’t the best idea. Between all of the chaos in the world, needing to take care of family/friends, make masks, and manage our hobby farm, it was not the time to add anything else to my plate. I’m grateful that common sense prevailed.

So, here I am today just enjoying life. One of my sisters died earlier this year and she had been such an important person in my life. She gave me a silicone sunflower mold to make soap in. I still haven’t made any in it because it’s a big round mold and I don’t know what I’d do with it (pieces would be cut like a pie or cake). The past several years, in the Christmas season, she requested soap. She had been battling cancer and wanted some mint soap so I made a loaf for her. When we were cleaning out her things after she died, I found some of the soap.

This year, as I think of my sister and other friends who have died this year, it’s inspired me to move forward from the grieving. Christmas was my sister’s favorite season and she celebrated it all year long. I need joy back and this post is part of that beginning. Soap making brings joy for me, as does reading this forum. I don’t know what the future holds for me as far as soamaking goes, so I will just try to enjoy the journey and consider the possibilities.

Thank you all for sharing your vast knowledge and creations with others on this forum. I find so much useful information here.
I will try to figure out what an avatar is and all the other things here but I’m not really good at that sort of thing 🙂
Welcome! I hope through your interaction with other soapers as well as going on to make soap, here you’ll find joy again in the coming year.
Welcome fellow Buckeye! (Actually, I'm a transplanted Hoosier thanks to love, but don't hold that against me. :)) I hope you will find your joy again in soap. It will just take time. Allow yourself time to grieve and please feel free to share your journey. There are many wonderful folks on this forum. I hope you'll feel at home here.

One of my sisters died earlier this year and she had been such an important person in my life.

Sharon, for you and for all who have lost someone, just know, You Are Not Alone.

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