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Nov 27, 2007
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Hi y'all! Great looking forum! I haven't had a chance to wander around yet, but I see some familiar "faces". I have been soaping for about 6 or 7 years now and have just gotten into the creams and scrubs within the last year or so.

Giving a shout out to Paul!
Hi my friend! I'm so glad you took me up on the invite! :D :D Guys, this fine young lady, is a fantastic soap maker and knows her stuff! :!: She is a swirling whiz! You guys are going to love her. Welcome to The SMF my friend! I'll be counting on you helping us out a lot when it comes to CP soap girl! :p
Everyone, wave a big "hello" to earthygirl! 8) :D

Paul... :) :wink:
Hello earthygirl and a big welcome! Any friend of Paul's is a friend of mine! I am what I like to refer to as "swirl challenged" so maybe you can give me some pointers next time I work up the courage.