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Apr 5, 2008
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Hi Everyone! Found this forum after doing a search for soapmaking forums. Signed on as a guest a few times and really like the friendliness I see here.
Hello ellen!

you have gained a great perspective of this forum because we are most certainly friendly! That is exactly what drew me to join the forum at first, in the same manner as you, just typed soap making forums into the search engine, and it was one of the first results!

Everyone on this site is so helpful...I wouldnt be making soap today without their endless help and billions of questions of mine that they have answered!

so start asking and learning!!

have you tried making soaps or Bath and body type stuff yet? or is this your first step into a new endevor??

best of luck in whatever you do!

Thank you IanT. Long time soaper here but hardly a pro. Looking through the gallery - wow - beautiful pics and so many different artistic expressions. Yes, I have made many different bath and body products and certainly enjoy home made or handmade products to store bought. How long have you been soaping?
only a few months and I have only made 2 batches due to financial constraints but I have learned a TON on this forum..cant wait to do future batches, Ive got a million recipes ive made that Id like to try, just need to acquire my ingredients!!

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