Happy Independence Day, America!

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Stay safe, don't blow anything off with FW - Celebrate instead and do something American and make a lard product!
My city banned personal fireworks this year, which is strange considering we've had a lot more rain than normal this year. As a matter of fact, it just finished dropping a decent amount of wet. Of course, that hasn't stopped the random winner in my neighborhood from pooping them off intermittently throughout the day... Haha. Happy 4th anyway!
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5 mins and the finale starts here..Happy 4th everyone!
My city has banned personal fireworks for the last few years since we were basically one big fireball the last couple of summers. This year though there wasn't the fear of catching houses on fire so much as there is a huge movement against fireworks because of the high number of veterans living here. Just about every other house around here has a sign up saying a vet lives there. Sadly there was actually a petition going around to keep all the city fireworks from happening as well

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