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Apr 30, 2016
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What do you think about the handmade magazine? It seems rather expensive to pay 7.00$ just for recipes on the WSP site. Are they useful?
I haven't even read the free issues I picked up at a Soaper's Gathering last month. I really don't subscribe to magazines. They tend to be so much clutter and then I feel like I've wasted all this money on something I don't even read. The only magazine I get is through my AARP membership and I only read it about 4 times a year, if that. We used to get National Geographic, but then my husband wanted to save them for eternity and buy those special boxes to hold them in, and then we had to make room on the bookshelves for them. What a PIA! He was convinced 'they will be worth a lot of money someday', but when we moved to Illinois from California I insisted we had to downsize and they all went to the Goodwill. Guess what?! The Goodwill had tons of them and didn't want them. So they actually ended up in the recycle bin instead.
I used to keep the fine cooking magazines we used to subscribe to. No ads, easy-to-follow advice and I learned so much from them. That was worth my money.

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