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Feb 3, 2008
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Staten Island,New York
Hello fellow soapmakers, my name is Michael Goonan and it is a pleasure to have people who are into the great hobby of soapmaking(or soapcrafting)!! I started doing this 3 years ago, when I was in a craft store( Michaels),just looking around and saw a melt and pour soapmaking kit(put out by Life of the party).From that day forward,I put my time and money into making melt and pour soaps!A few months later, I stopped making soaps because I took an online course in Herbology from Australasian College of Health Sciences.Months Later,I graduated with a B average from the school and returned to make my soaps.From this point on,everything went upwards for me.In the spring of 2006,I was asked to give a workshop on making melt & pour herbal soaps to the local girlscout troop since they were given the task of caring for the S.I. Herb Society herbal garden at the Conference House (a historical landmark located on the southern end of S.I.) and wanted to do something connected with herbs. I agreed to give the class and was both nervous and happy at the same time!!Back then only a few people knew that I made herbal and decorative soaps(I sell them at work-I work for a city hospital here on S.I.),Now my customers include half of the dept. that I work with,and 2-3 other dept. within the hospital.December was my busiest month EVER!!!It's the first time I did soap baskets-one co-worker asked for 3 baskets and wanted one with an all lavender(color and frgrance) for his girlfriends mother since her bathroom was lavender colored- a week later he told me that my soaps matched perfectly!!I am waiting to hear from vistaprint since I got some business cards made up!!I hope to hear from anybody and everybody soon :roll:
Welcome Michael! Another male soapier! Cool! This forum has more male soapiers now than any of the other "biggie" soap forums have ever had! We welcome you and your M&P soap making contributions here. We are a very chatty, friendly forum. Hi again!

Umm...I think we need to repost the male or female poll! Dang I think the guys are gonna outnumber us pretty soon!

Welcome fellow M&P'r :p

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