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Mar 2, 2007
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Hi everyone,

I am new to this whole process. Does anyone have any good websites that I can go to in order to figure out exactly what supplies/ingredients that I need? And what equipment I need? I did find one website with a lot of informaiton, but I want to be sure I have everything!

Also, I want to make an "all natural" kind of soap. From what I have been reading, soap can not be made without lye. Is there any other way to make "soap"?

Thanks for the help!
You could buy an all natural M&P (melt & pour) base or you could buy rebathched CP (cold processed soap).

There has always been a debate as to whether M&P was actually soap or just a cosmetic cleanser.

The rebatched CP soap is originally made w/ lye but the lye is gone throught the process of saphonification by the time you get it. I have never bought rebatch so I am not sure of the details but I *think* it is basic soap that has been made & shredded so you can then remelt (rebatch) it & add anything into it you want to make it more personal, fragrance, special oils, vitamines, seeds, oatmeal, etc.
Rebatched soap is awesome! I'm quickly becoming addicted! I just made my third batch which is made with a basic rebatch, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, rice bran oil and scented with Vanilla fo. My first batch was with Goat's Milk rebatch and so was my second. I found this awesome and easy method to making it and it required very little effort but a lot of patience because I cure the bars for one month to make sure they get nice and hard. It's also easy to know what you need once you know what you will make. I went online to cierracandles where I purchase my mp and they tell you in the directions what you will need.
I am with you on the all natural deal! I use strictly organic and 100 percent pure oils and eo's! I believe the best soap is made with lye! I do some handmilling too from an all natural organic base that I make. Where I buy all my supplies is from Rainbow Meadows.
Kathy Miller makes wonderful soap, and she also has a wonderful site that many a newbie has visited to learn how to make soap.

That should be a perfect start.

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