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Feb 20, 2022
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Recipe: main. Recipe: frosting
Coconut oil 30% Coconut oil 30%
Palm oil 20% Olive canola 35%
Olive canola 40% Shea butter 15%
Castor oil 5% Cocoa butter 10%
Shea butter 5% Castor oil 10%

Fragrance: 1st recipe Pink watermelon, strawberry shake, vanilla cupcake with stabilizer Frosting: bubblegum

Additives: both recipes: sodium lactate 60% added to oils, 1st recipe: 1tbsp kaolin
First time master-batching lye
First time using neon micas and black oxide

I knew this would be a challenge but man everything that could've gone wrong did! It took me 2 days, I ended up redoing the frosting because I didn't like the first one, I ran out of watermelon so I used bubblegum. There were times where I thought to myself "is this dedication or madness?" In hindsight probably both haha.

List of things that went wrong/happened unexpectedly:
1st recipe
-Fragrance blend curdled when I added kaolin clay to the fragrance oil (I suspect the water from stabilizer ) had to make another blend.
-acceleration (neon colors?) ended up doing layers in instead of swirl.
-gelled, which worked out cause I was able to unmold it in 2hrs, not sure why it gelled though.

Frosting 1
-Black oxide ended up looking more like a greyish purple
-tri color piping looked jumbled
Frosting 2
-I think it 'riced'? (Almost gave up) Removed the frosting from the soap and whipped it up adding mica lines to the frosting bag.

It was was pretty intense and I almost gave up but I learnt a lot 😅😁

I posted a pic of the first frosting attempt as well.