Forgot to add about 1/2 lye water solution

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Should I bother remilling/batching

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aussie soaper

Dec 6, 2007
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I made my third batch of soap so far nothing had gone wrong until by stick mixer broke and the end bit fell in the soap. After that everything went wrong. I forgot to add 1/2 of my lye solution and waited to long to add the fragrance and colours :oops: .So now ihave no idea how much lye and water solution is missing because i tipped it, I have no idea howmuch lye water solution to add. Should I bother remilling if thiis happens again? I’ve had ago at remilling and its gone brown is this normal? I added purple coloring and gardenia FO.
I had a batch that I doubled everything but the lye and water. Figured it out quickly. I rebatched and it came out great. Only difference between your incident and mine, I knew exactly what was missing and how much. So it was easy to rebatch adding the forgotten lye/water. Good luck. k
Rebatch it and add what you think the amount of lye should be. After it cools in the mold, test it with pH paper. You can always use it to make laundry soap if you can't get it quite right.
What Phillip said might just work, but unless it's a large batch, or even then, I would throw it away. Too little lye for laundry soap, too much lye for laundry soap, both bad deals. Too much, like our own skin, the lye can ruin the colours at least or eat the fabric at most. It's possible like I said but my vote is always to err on safety's side and I vote to pitch it and learn a lesson like I have, I remember best when it hits hard in the pocket book!

Paul.... :wink:
Thanxs for the replies the soaps a bit soft, but it might turn out. I really wanted to hand them out as christmas presents but the soft soap and off colour is making me think I should hand out the first two batches

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