first day to town after snowstorm

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Wow, I thought Saskatchewan was bad but Ontario has us beat
at least your part of Ontario. I know it can be quite different from
area to area.
I have live and stayed in many places there.
Glad your shoveled out, but it sure is pretty. I always think if
we have to live with snow there may as well be lots of it. It's
the cold that bothers me.
woooooooowsa! that reminds me of when i was a kid and NY used to actually get snow!!....cant stand it anymore though...thats the whole reason i moved to FL!!

your dogs tail looks like a snow-style loch-ness monster!! lol.....

you know i luv you but thanks for not sharing that with us michiganders. we have been pleasantly blessed with no snowfall and a bit of sunshine for the last couple of days and i want it to stay that way. i keep chanting i want spring i want spring.

They got 9 inches of snow just an hour north of us here in Texas, but we didn't get any. the kids were RAL bummed. They so wanted to see snow! We did wake up to find some in the trees & on roof tops which was a real treat. It was all melted by 9am.

We are expecting 80+ degrees this weekend.

You know what they say about Texas, if you don't like the weather just wait a minute, it'll change.

They also say if you stand on a tuna can you can see New Mexico, it's a little flat here :wink: .
We got over 9 inches last week here in SW MO. Most of it gone now. 70's by Wednesday! This has been the strangest winter here I can remember.

Snow is so beautiful...but I don't miss it one bit. I remember snow drifts as high as the house and having to dig my car out of three feet of snow before I could try to get to work. Nope...not one bit.
Hey Woodie

Here in Midwestern Ontario we only got the tailend of this latest snowstorm. But I'm starting to get really tired of all that snow. And there is more in the forecast for the next 2 weeks :x
I hear you, mare 61. VERY tired of snow, and shovelling, and being cold and shivery. Let there be green again!
thats one thing i like about winters up North though..kind of like a snapshot of life, winters are like death, and then the snow melts and new life forms, the plants come back...spring/summer is like life...kind of cool to meditate on :) The cycles of life.

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