First batch with fresh goat milk....

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Nov 27, 2007
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Found someone here locally that is giving me goat milk. I actually have somewhat of a funny story to tell about this goat milk. I work part-time in a small coffee shop for our local bean roaster. I asked this friend if I could get gm from him, he said sure and his wife brought it into the coffee shop I work. It was marked GOAT MILK.....I put a towel over it and put it in our refrig. Towel was so I wouldn't get it mixed up with our whole milk or skim. After work, I went home, had lunch and realized I had left my goat milk at work. I called the next shift girl and told her I had forgotten it and not to use the milk with the towel on it.....silence......yep, she had used it already. :shock: Well, most of it sadly. Now I am sure that my friend will now make me go out and milk those dang goats....I AM NOT AFRAID. :lol:

anyway - here are pics!

By galgirl[/img]
Looks creamy and nice!

I have a friend with goats, who sells me milk. She never makes customers milk the goats, but occasionally she will tease somebody who wants to. I've tried a few times...they don't like my hands or I don't squeeze and pull hard enough. Not my thing, milking. Love the GM though!- both for drinking and soapmaking.

Your swirls are lovely.
Thanks everyone. I used the margarita scent and was a bit disappointed, too limey smelling. :cry: I have bought soap from someone whose margarita smelled just like a margarita. So I will buy some from another co. and try to get the real deal.

Paul, if you read this post.......I love my molds, each time a use them I send up a prayer of blessing for you!!! k
Well, thank you so much! I love verry happy customers like you. :D What a creamy, nice white soap with fresh GM. 8) I love it! You did a really nice job! Must see cut pics!

Paul :wink:
BTW, I am guessing the creaminess comes from the gm.....because I have never had them come out so nice and creamy looking. k

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