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Nov 8, 2007
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It's been two weeks today that I made my first batch of cold process lavendar soap! I had a friend join me to make sure the lye fumes didn't cause me any problems, but that went just fine. It traced within seven to ten minutes with the stick blender. The next day, I made a four pound batch of peppermint. I've got to tell ya, my kitchen smells divine! My husband said that first night after the peppermint soap was cut and layed out to cure that it was too strong - but he said it with a big smile! We can't eat at the table right now due to the bars of curing soap!

You were all so wonderful with advice and welcomes, it's nice to know that this is a family I can grow with.

I see that Camden Grey is the best place to get 2 lbs of lye, where do you all get your oils? Which, in your experience, is the better - essential or frangrance oil?
It's not a matter of which is better, they are different animals entirely.

An EO is an essential oil. It is a natural derivative.

An FO is a fragrance oil, a man made oil. When said man makes that oil, he *may* use the EO as one of the ingredients in the FO or it may be 100% synthetic.

The main diffrence is that Lavender EO will have the medisimal(SP) value of the plant it is extracted from. It will cause relaxation. The FO Lavender, because it is man made will have no medisimal(SP) plant value.

EO's cost much more than FOs but you use way less. A good Lavender EO you may only need a few drops to scent 8oz of lotion while you may need 1 tsp of FO to scent that same lotion.
Yea, what Tab stated! I mostly use FO's, but I have started collecting more & more EO's and am up to 9 I think is is now. I mix and match too. I just made a Lavender Vanilla. The Lavender was 40/42 and the vanilla was 2 different FO's. It turned out really nice.

My main online supplier of oils & butters is Columbus Foods AKA, Soaper's Choice. They are inexpensive, fair shipping rates and super fast! Mike there is a seasoned soapier! He knows his P's & Q's! Here is a link to them; ... 0&cart_id=

I buy lye locally in bulk 50 pound bags. If you want a fair priced online supplier, AAA Chemicals is great! Here is the link; ... grade.html

Hope this helps you out!

Paul... :) :wink:
Thanks to all of you! I will certainly check out the links you sent, Paul. Appreciate it. I am going to try the FO and still work with the EO's. Think I'll stick mostly with the EO's - thanks Tabitha.

I make a nice oil blend for those nasty headaches I get, lavendar and chamomile with sweet almond oil. Work it into my shoulders and neck when I can't see through my own eyes...

Can't wait to make more soap! I'm thinking about doing some hot process. Need rest of supplies first!