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Nov 29, 2007
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New Jersey
I'm sorry to keep asking so many questions, but as I read more and more, I have more questions popping into my head. My current thoughts....

Is there any way to keep the integrity of Essential Oils when making CP?

Current theory is that during saponification, the internal temp goes beyond what Essential Oils can withstand, and breakdown.

Would handmilling be the only way to preserve the integrity of the EO?
Well, an alternative to handmilling would be to HP the soap and add the EOs after the cook. But what do you mean by maintaining the integrity? Do you just want the soap to still smell like the EO or are you looking for an aromatherapy benefit?

Cause IMO, the aromatherapy benefit wouldn't best be provided from a wash-off product. But correct me if I'm wrong!

But there are many EOs that withstand CP quite well if you are going by scent. Most citrus EOs are destroyed - they are fragile - but many others hang on strong.

Check out the Scent Review Board for reviews of individual EOs.
Thanks for the response CareBear.

Yeah - I was referring the the scent of EO. I would think the scent would break down, but maybe not?

I'll have to play around and see.

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