Entry Thread - August 2022 SMF Challenge - Dual Swirl Techniques in one Soap

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This is the entry thread for the August 2022 SMF Soap Challenge - Dual Swirl Techniques in one Soap. As a reminder, this entry thread is for challenge photos only. Please post any comments to the general challenge thread here.

You are welcome to post more than one photo, but the photo you want used for the voting survey should be first, at the top of your entry post. Your entry may include information about your design, process, colors, fragrance or inspiration.

The entry thread will remain open until August 28 at 11:45pm GMT. After the entry thread closes, the winning entry will be chosen using Survey Monkey. A message with the voting survey link and password will be sent to those who signed up for the challenge. Voting will remain open until August 30 at 11:45pm GMT and the winner will be announced on August 31, 2022. There is no prize attached to this challenge.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Please remember that each participant will need to look up the correct time for the location where they live. Here is a link to one mechanism for determining the correct time in your time zone versus GMT: GMT to CST Converter - Savvy Time
For my entry soap I first made a spin swirl, then swirled with a glass rod. The fragrance is Avalon from Nurture Soap and the colors are Moss Green from Bramble Berry. White Satin from Micas and More, Nocturnal, Fire Cider, and blend of blues from Nurture. Thank you @earlene for hosting and good luck everyone!
8.2022 Spin Skewer.jpg
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My soap was made using traditional paper marbling techniques. It was great fun to research the techniques and to discover some amazing paper marbling artists on IG. After layering the batter in the mold, I used a glass rod to produce a gel-git swirl, which is commonly used as a base pattern for many other swirls in paper marbling. For the second swirl I used a gap-toothed comb to make the nonpareil pattern, with a shimmy added for a little more fun. The soap is scented with Love Spell from BeScented and nine different colors of mica from Nurture. I made the soap as a single layer slab and cut it into four bars.


4AF83667-B60E-43E7-B5D2-FF36339E5FA8.jpeg the batter layered in the mold

99F81754-D227-44F7-82FD-E039A042BD0E.jpeg the gel-git pattern
1F4F58E1-5313-46B3-8B44-B99561EB4965.jpeg the shimmy nonpareil pattern

26464669-5570-458B-9E03-6860FF955CFF.jpeg a glass rod
E3439902-D96B-4F6B-855F-2CBC1E36889D.jpeg the gap-toothed comb was made using toothpicks

Thanks @earlene for another great Challenge!
For my dual swirl design, I started with a OPW followed by a drop swirl.
Fragrance: blended Cucumber Melon & Orange Blossom
Mica: Nurture Soap – Summer Crush, Sea Green, Berry Twist, Enchantment

OPW: Batter was split into four equal portions. Filled pouring pitcher by alternating colors two times each using about half of the batter (coral, teal, pink, green, repeat). Set my mold at an angle on my fancy-schmancy angle tool and poured the entire OPW pitcher. Left mold angled for the drop swirl.

Drop swirl: Filled squeeze bottles with remaining batter. Attached a piece of tygon tubing to each bottle to extend the nozzle. Since the mold was at an angle, I needed a longer reach to drop the batter farther into the mold. Poured (or squirted) the remaining batter while keeping the mold at an angle. After pouring, I slowly tilted the mold upright to minimize disturbing the design. Finally, I did a very shallow infinity type swirl on the top of the loaf.




4-Mold pics.JPG




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Vanilla Chai Coffee soap
I did all the things in this soap ... new ingredient (Soy Wax), temporary mold, new cut ...

August 2022 two swirl challenge entry.jpeg

4 colours (base, white, black and coffee)
The coffee portion is made from local roasters beans and rainwater
I added pure vanilla, a titch of clove and brown sugar for scent.
Black is activated charcoal powder, and white is oxide.

ITP base
August 2022 soap challenge drop swirl into ITP swirl.jpeg

Drop swirl that I ran a hanger through
August 2022 Two swirl soap process ITP and drop-swirl:hanger.jpeg

I did a top
August 2022 challenge soap top before swirl.jpg

and dusted it with cocoa to finish.
August 2022 challenge swirl top.jpg

I cut it vertically, along the drop swirl, to get the wavy effect - I like this and I'm going to play with it some more!
August 2022 two swirl challenge entry.jpeg

PS. Thanks Earlene! Great challenge 🥰
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Name of the Soap - Máthair
Scent: Rosemary Mint
Micas- Micas and More Midnight Blue, Cosmic Purple. Mad Micas Tahitian Teal, mix of King Tut, Sister Golden Hair, and Goldfinger.

1- Pour of ITP Swirl- Midnight Blue, Cosmic Purple and Tahitian Teal
2- Pour of Solid color mix of King Tut, Sister Golden Hair and Goldfinger
3- Pour of ITP Swirl- Midnight Blue, Cosmic Purple and Tahitian Teal
4- Pour of Solid color mix of King Tut, Sister Golden Hair and Goldfinger
5- Pour of the leftover ITP swirl
6- Hanger Swirl through the entire soap

Thank you so much Earlene for the great challenge.



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Hi everybody! My entry for this dual swirl challenge is called Poisoned Apple. It’s scented with Apple from Nurture Soap. I used two colors in each swirl—the first being an ITPS and the second being a drop swirl. The batter thickened up considerably before my pours so the drop swirl isn’t very dramatic. This was such a cool idea for a challenge, and it certainly gives me ideas for future batches. :) Here is my entry photo, followed by the pour of the ITPS layer and then the drop swirl layer.



The Entry Thread is now closed. Voting survey will be sent to participants shortly, within the next couple of hours to the participants who have entered as of the closing of the entry window.

ETA: Voting link has been sent! Voting will remain open until August 30 at 11:45pm GMT and the winners will be announced on August 31. There is no prize attached to this challenge.

Good luck everyone.
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Thank you everyone for the vote of confidence and congrats to the winners!

What a nice way to start my Friday. I've been so busy at work supporting the Artemis launch 🚀 that I haven't had a chance to check back in to the forum or do anything soap. What a nice surprise!

Thank you Earlene for hosting this month's challenge 💕