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Sep 13, 2013
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I have read many posts (seems like it) about making soap soon enough to gift (or sell). I was wondering if the beads used in new shoe boxes, electronic equipment and such would work. Would it be ok to store soap for a couple of weeks in those beads? They sell them for drying flowers. You can not ingest them, but you can't ingest soap either (or shouldn't). Has anyone tried this yet? Those beads can do several flowers (I've use them for roses mostly) in just a couple of days. I don't expect soap would dry that fast, but maybe it would hasten the process a few weeks? Would bars cracking be a problem? Unnatural coating on the soap?
If the curing period was only about drying, the silicon beads may accelerate things I suppose. But the impact of a very long cure on soaps containing a high proportion of OO (where the soap literally changes character from a 4 week cure to a 6 to 9 month cure) leads me to believe that there is something else that happens during the curing process - and that time is the primary (if not the only) factor in this occurring ......

I have read that some people cure their soaps in a warm room to accelerate the cure, but couldn't say whether the end result would be the same. So I prefer to wait out the curing period, to ensure that my soaps are the very best they can be before selling or gifting them.

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