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Oct 20, 2007
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Appleton, WI
I bought some of Brambleberrys Dragons Blood. Personally, it's a little sweet for me, but others here seem to like it a lot. I plan on making some CP with it and was wondering how it works in that process. Does it discolor or speed up trace or anything wierd like that?

I think I may have had some sucess with swirling and want to use this fragrance, but don't care to have any surprises in my coloring plans, or the soap seizing up on me.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Yes, DragonsBlood does discolor to a very nice dark brown.. I like it!
I get mine from Cybilla side at Brambleberry

You can swirl with some Titanium Dioxide for a nice bright white swirl..

No acceleration as I remember
Thank you very much Smelli. That would have definately snaf-ood my operation. I think I'll use your suggestion.

I will add some patchouli to it though, to tone it down a bit. The sweetness makes my teeth curl.
LOL i've bought dragon's blood FO from two sources now, and it still reminds me of old fashioned Old Spice mens cologne. LOL But my 7 year old just loves the scent. Along with bay rum......

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