Don't put FO's in styrofoam

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Oct 18, 2007
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Talladega, Alabama
I was just making a batch of soap. I always measure my lye in Styrofoam cups so I can just throw them away when done. Today I decided to do the same thing with my FO. About 5 minutes later whilst I was mixing I smelled FO really strong. I turned to look at it and it had eaten the entire bottom out of the cup. It was all over my counter. So just FYI. Its weird because everyone is sooo careful with lye but I have left it in the cup for several minutes. The FO went through that thing like a knife through hot butter. Makes me wander what all they put in that stuff?
Yup, Ed, I learned that the hard way about 2 years ago! I was doing the same thing with Styrofoam cups to mix my colours in. Me thinks; "I'll put my FO's in a Styrofoam cup and throw that away too".....NOT! The stuff they mix the chemicals in does melt Styrofoam, and the lower the flash point, the faster the Styrofoam will melt! The good thing is, Ed, do this once, and it will never happen again. Now I use a shot glass to pour or mix my FO's or EO's in. I wipe them out with a paper towel then throw away the paper towel.

Paul.... :wink:
That was an expensive lesson, that is also why they say do not apply directly to the skin & give you max safe % to use. Been there, done that, it will also eat through ziplock bags. I will place 16oz of lotion in a big zippy, add fragrance & smoosh it around, then cut the tip of the bag & pipe it into the bottles & you have to work quick!
I do like Tab with using the Zip-Lock bags as piping bags for my lotions & creams. I colour and scent in my Kitchen Aide mixer though. I didn't know it would eat through a Zip-Lock bag though! :shock:

Paul.... :wink:
i've used dixie cups with good luck, the 5oz or larger ones though, the smaller 3oz ones don't work so well.

I also use the larger dixie cups for weighing my lye as well.

I like to be able to just toss it right out when i'm done.

But I've also used other things for weighing my FO as well. When I want to do them in an advance I often use a graduated preemie baby bottle. Since I have tons of them on hand already. But they are graduated by the cc/ml up to 60. They are hospital issue. Just got another lot of 100 !!!

So once I know my weight i can fill them up and put a sealing cap on them till i'm ready to work with them.