Does cold weather affect the CP soap process?

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Mar 16, 2007
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Queensland, Australia
Hi all.

We are having a cold (for us) snap at the moment, and the last few batches of CP soap I've made have been 'not quite' right when unmolded.

I have a couple of recipes that I make as a regular item, for myself & my gran (she has ultra sensitive skin), that have always come out perfect. The last time I made them, they were kind of sticky still when I took them out of the mold. This hasn't been the case before.

They seem to be drying fine, but I'm just wondering if the colder weather would be affecting the process. I insulate by wrapping in a big towel when I have put the raw soap in the mold, but maybe in winter I need more than one towel?
Becky- I have never had that problem personally, but I know several other soapers who have. They just adjust their insulating methods for the weather. So definitely, this could be your problem.

Try a gelling box for colder months (an insulated cardboard box, or something similar - even a cooler) or add an extra towel or heating pad.
I've never had a problem with weather affecting how my soaps turn out. If it is hot, it just makes my butters much softer or completely melted which is easier to soap with. Now making candles, the weather definately affects them. Hot weather and candles don't mix.
The cold weather has affected my soaps a few times, its throwing the temps off. Just wrap it up a little more than usual... it should be fine. :D
Thanks everyone - after a bit of looking around, I think I'm going to try putting the molded soap in a low temp oven for a couple of hours & see how that goes.