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Aug 27, 2007
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I just got my order yesterday for SFIC goats milk MP base. But there are no directions. I can't seem to find any online either. Is there a certain temp it needs to be melted to? What temp to add fragrance at? What temp to pour?
I can not say I have ever seen specific directions like temp & such for M&P bases. You can melt it in the microwave or in a double boiler. The key is not to over cook it.

I place some (2# or less) in a pyrex measuring cup & watch it melt in the microwave, I take mine out when there may still be very small unmelted pieces floating about. These will melt when you stir. If you did not over heat the base, if it is not bubbling, you may add the fragrance.

You will get familiar with your microwave & your base of choice. I find 1# melts in 50 seconds. 1/2# will melt in 30.

It is ready to pour right away, but it does not hurt to wait a few minutes. I think it is easier on your molds to let it cool a bit.

If you choose to something like oatmeal, poppyseeds or glitter, you will want to gently stir untill it has cooled enough that your additive will not sink to the bottom, unless that is the look you are going for.

After pouring I sugest misting the top of the still melted soap with rubbing alcohol, the alcohol will evaporate and leave you with a smooth surface. It will also pop any bubbles that have settled on the surface.
I melt in a double boiler, it takes about 10 mins, but I usually melt about 3 lbs at a time. I find that it is a bit more creamy when you do the double boil, vs the microwave. I let the soap sit for about 3 mins after melting, then I scent and color and pour into the molds. I let the molds sit on the counter for about 40-60 mins and then put them in the freezer for about 15 mins. Pop out of molds and cover immediately with saran and let them sit for a day. Then I package
I find that it is a bit more creamy when you do the double boil, vs the microwave.

This is because you do not bring it to as high of a temp. when you double boil. Which ever method you choose, the end result will be the same, unless you overcook by either method.
Well, I did 1lb of goats milk last night using my candle wax pour pot as a double boiler. It melted much quicker than I expected! I let it cool a bit as I was adding ground oatmeal, but it still sank to the bottom (top). I just used a foil loaf pan with saran wrap inside for a test. It worked alright, but I do have an order in with Paul for a 1lb mold. I added a bit of fragrance, oatmeal/milk/honey, but it almost smells too sweet. I added 1/2 TBS. I'm going to try it tonight in the shower and see how it does.

I guess I'm used to looking at the candle wax directions where it's heat to x temp, pour at x temp and when I didn't see anything for MP, got confused!
WOW I never even thought about that when I started, it melted and I poured!!! Good thing I don't need no stinkin directions :roll:

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