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Feb 2, 2008
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Does anyone know if you can use different types of colorant in the same batch of cp soap. I am using micas to do my swirls and would like to add a black oxide swirl also. I can't remember if I have ever used different types of colorant in my soap before. Thanks for any advise. :D Judy
You certainly can. I often do double and triple swirls in a slab. Many times those swirls may be one of a fd&c, or an oxide or two. I have even used mica to swirl when using an fd&c as a base color. Just be sure you aren't using too much colorant to stain a washcloth. Ask me how I know that.
I mix and match all the time. Mica and Oxides, Oxides and spices or infusions, you name it. I always start slow with the color. You can always add more.
Thanks so much for all of your replies! Soap has been made and is curing. I washed my hands with some of the trimmings and the suds were white so it did just great. Thanks again Judy
Fruit Powder

I have used fresh fruits, pureed fruits and veggies in my soaps. When doing this always make sure you puree really well. To make a powdered colorant I buy freeze dried fruits and veggies. I use my coffee grinder to make a powder. Do test batches to see what your colors will be. You can make a batch and divide up into 4 ounce add your colorant some fragrance and pour into small molds. Put some saran over the top of the soap to process.

Another idea is to dry your own fruits and vegetables in a dehydrator or oven and then powder. Make sure you always follow directions when doing your own drying. Here are a couple of good links to get you started. :) Judy


http://www.fruitfromwashington.com/Reci ... _fruit.htm


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