Debating cancelling my Sams Club Card

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Jan 6, 2020
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Louisiana, USA
I'd love to know your opinions. They don't carry any of my oils, and butters. I can buy distilled water, lard and other oils from walmart at about the same prices, and the price for their nitrile gloves is the same as what I'd pay at Harbor Freight. I'm not sure the $50 fee is worth it all things considered. What do you think? Is there a better place?
For me I agree on the olive oil. It's a better buy at Wal Mart. I got a Sam's card for other items really not for soap making. Have you tried the rotisserie chicken? It's awesome for $4.99- I can't buy and bake one cheaper than that. Also look at the website, you may find some supplies that can be picked up or delivered to your home. I paid for a 1 year membership so I can't cancel but I may or may not renew next year.
we keep our sam's club membership because we do our grocery shopping and buy household items there as well. Our Plus membership earns cash back and it pretty much pays for itself that way.
Like firefly said - many things can be ordered online...if you have a plus shipping on majority of items.