cp soap made with palm oil turns light yellow

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Feb 15, 2021
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Good afternoon, everyone.
I started making soap a few months ago and a notice that all my soaps made with pal oil (olive,coconut and palm) started out very yellow - my oil is very orange- but after a week or two they started to look light yellow on the top and on the sides. I know is not soda ash because is uniform and not a coat on top of the soap. At first i tought that was because of the sun, but i made new batches and stored away from direct light and the same thing happened. Can anyone help me figure out what is going on?
Are you using unrefined palm oil? Did you include a fragrance oil in your recipe? If so, some fragrance oils can cause the soap to change color over time.
Unrefined palm (or red palm oil) is better to use ad a colorant. I personally hated the smell and the lather from a soap I made using about 30% of that ingredient. It was the first soap I ever chucked- It stained my wash rags.
Here in Brazil this oil is cheap and usually used for cooking. The smell is not the best, but i like as bath soap. The foam is very yellow,but doesn't leave a stain or smell

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