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Jul 25, 2007
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Ontario, Canada
I wanted to do a layered soap, scenting with vanilla eo on the bottom, vanilla fo on top.

So I brought a batch to trace, poured half of it into a second pot. Put vanilla eo in one, stick blended it well, poured it into the log mold. Then went to add vanilla fo to the second half, but it was already thick pudding. Not deterred, I added the fo anyway, fearing it wouldn't mix in well enough.

Did it anyway. Gave it a good stir, poured, or rather glopped it on top of the vanilla eo in the mold.

Two hours later, checked it (I don't usually peek for at least 12 hours, but felt uneasy.

As I suspected, it was oozing fo in puddles.

So I scooped out the entire log, put it into a ss pot, into the oven, stirred every 10 minutes for about 40 mins. total.

This is how it turned out: two-toned vanilla. I had to trim a lot off, as it was very lumpy.

Four days later it darkened, but you can still see the vanilla eo is lighter:

What would you name this? ....my thought is 'two-vanillas' or Double Vanilla.....?


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Feb 17, 2007
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How about

Vanilla Trip
Vanilla Supreme
Vanilla Fantasy
Dos Vanillas (dos like two)
All About Vanilla
Vanilla Scream
Vanilla Dream

Yes I suck at this. I know.
:oops: :lol: