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Although no soap still..I have decided to spend the day cooking..knowing that I shouldnt be eating any of this but hey...

I am going to make

Fried Chicken
Mac & Cheese (homemade)
Collard Greens w/ bacon pieces
Corn Bread
Blackeye Peas & Rice

Probably some kind of Dessert
7-Up cake maybe

does anyone else...sometimes get an urge to cook alot of food? lol
oohhhh collard greens are the BEST they taste kind of like a mix between spinach and kale I think...cant quite get my finger on it but theyre sooo good :)

EDIT - you cooking for just yourself or for the fam??

Yes I do get the same urge! (refer to the pasta thread for proof lol) I love cooking big meals and saving the food for the week, theres nothing like a home cooked meal and its leftovers mmmm mmmmmmmmm

wish i had a spot at your table tonight! :)

I love soul food

how do you make 7-up cake?? never heard of it but anything with 'cake' in the name has my attention lol
Just me and the kids...

food was good I swear I have gained 10lbs

Its called 7 up cake because it contains the soda for an ingredient..

3 cubes of butter
3 cups of sugar
1/3 cup of 7up....

I will get the recipe if you all want it
cake is my frieeeeend :) I d love the recipe! :) isnt that the best feeling after a huge meal...mmmm .mmmmmmm
LOL Ian, you're always talking about food. I bet you ate your parents out of house and home while growing up!
lol they called me 'the grazer' id eat all the time lol but they hate me because no matter what i do I cant GAIN weight im like 125 and eat everything!!....
you are a goddess :) thank youuuuuu! Ill post pics when i make it if I ever get time since im working now lol

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