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Oct 18, 2007
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Talladega, Alabama
I bought some soap coloring dye from Hobby Lobby. I want to use the red for a swirl. However when I tried the yellow for a previous batch it wouldnt dissolve in the oil. I was just going to tint that batch a little so I threw it aside (good thing too because the honey and almond oil gave me the perfect tan color I wanted) I tried it with some water and it breaks right down and makes a nice red color but I haven't heard of anyone swirling like that? All the articles I have read say to color some oil or a part of your soap batch. I don't think I can do a swirl with a water based dye? Any suggestions?
Is it liquid or dry colour?

If it is liquid, just add it directly to the portion of the soap batter that you want to colour.

If it is dry, dissolve in a little water first to get a liquid colour, then add that to the portion of the soap batter that you want to colour.
If it is a water based colorant I don't think you will be able to use it in an oil based product.

Oh, wait a minute... can you blend it 50/50 w/ something like sorbitol? Sorbitol is used to make water & oil blend. Sorbitol will carry oils into water, could it carry water into oil.
It is liquid. I tried adding it directly to a batch of soap and it just beaded up. I also tried to mix it w/some warm oil and it did the same. It mixes great with just water. Could I dye my lye solution? I havent heard of anyone coloring soap that way.

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