Clayscapades - Purple Brazilian and Blue Cambrian Clay

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Apr 19, 2019
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These are test bars made using clay fractions from ”unprocessed” clays I bought from an Etsy seller. I used 1 tsp ppo in a fairly white base recipe (lard, coconut, HO sunflower, castor). The fraction used is shown below each soap. A description of how I processed the clays is in this thread: Purple Brazilian Clay


Here are the soaps in comparison with soaps made a couple of months ago with the unprocessed clays.


Lighting is always tricky, so here are a few additional photos with different angles.


In the end, about 75% of the original weight was retained after discarding the larger sand fraction. In retrospect, I should have saved the coarse material for closer inspection, but it’s too late now…

This next photo shows all the jars and little bags of clay that are the outcome of my dogged determination to split settled bands of clay into purer color fractions. I’m going to keep them this way for now because I want to compare the color in soap with the color of the dry fraction.

The blue D’Argile French clay from a friend who lives in Paris finally made it’s way to me by way of Ireland where it was handed off to some friends who live in Virginia. What soap makers will do in search of the perfect blue! It looks good and I can’t wait to try it. I also have a second batch of the blue Cambrian clay from an Etsy supplier, but it doesn’t seem to have the deep blue fraction that I was able to isolate in the original batch 😩


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