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I know this is a super old post but it might help someone else...

To calculate the burn time first weight your candle (container and all) and write this number down...
Burn your candle for a minimum of 3 hours ( to acheive full melt pool)
Weigh your candle again....

Take your Original Candle Weight
and minus the Weight after the 3 hour burn= X

Original Candle Weight x 3 (3 hour burn) and divide it by "X"
=Burn time in hours

Hope you understand this....
Well I am glad I answered it then, I wasn't going to since it's from 2006!
You're welcome!
I can't believe no one answered it for almost 2 years .. thank you for posting this ..
There is alot of old answered post in the Candle Forum but I don't know if they would be worth answering.
I noticed that the Soap Forum gets answers alot quicker than the Candle Forum..but then again the site is called "The Soap Making Forum" :)
I know much more about candles than soaps...I have looked at some of the posts for the soap and man..I thought I was reading Chinese...
(wait...I can't even read Chinese)
yeahh.... the old posts are goood :)... theres sooooo many!!...i want to learn candlemaking too, this looks like a very useful equation.......''filed in Ians useful info/candlemakling folder...ding!''

props! :)
They are old I'm assuming because no one with your expertise was on here! Most of the people were mostly soap/bath and body makers.
lol, I prefer the burn it on the weekend and set the stop watch method. ;) This will work well for times when I'm running short on time though. Thanks.

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