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Dec 9, 2007
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South Carolina
Antone know what this would be?
Did you use palm oil in your recipe? Could be the stearic from the palm oil?
I've never seen anything quite like this. I am tending to agree with CPS that it may be stearic acid forming on the soap sides. I use stearic acid as a additive in 2 recipes that are normally softer since they are high conditioning recipes. I never use over 3 to 4% though. Interesting. It it were lye on the outside touching your tongue quickly and rinsing with vinegar or water would test that out. "Hey Mikey, wanna lick my soap? I don't wanna try it; you try it!":lol: Just kidding about Mikey. :lol:

Paul :)
I didn't use Palm. And I have done the zap.

Tallow 16 oz
Corn oil 8 oz
Canola Oil 8 oz
Lard 12 oz
Shea butter 4 oz

Lye - 6.17, discounted at 6%
Water 12.30 oz, no discount.
I thought this was the whitiest, prettiest soap i had made so far.

I hate that it turned out like this.

I cut a small section from one bar, and washed my hands.
Had no burn and it had a real creamy and smooth lather.

I hope I don't have to rebatch this one.
I use to get spots like this too!! What do you line your molds with? I use to use wax paper, but switched to plastic (cling) wrap, and haven't had the problem since!

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