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I like your site its clean and easy to navigate! The front page photos are beautiful did you take them? I suck at picture taking but practicing.
Kathy! It looks amazing! I really love the whole Annapolis thing, esp. Thomas Point - so pretty.

Very calm and pleasing!
The colors are soothing & it's VERY easy to navigate which also relaxes your shopper!

I love the empowerment page!

I LOVE the fact that you have a theme! I LOVE LOVE LOVE B&B shops w/ a theme that works & is carried throughout!!!

It is wonderful!
You have a beautiful site, oceanmember!

I noticed a typo on your products.. You have Chesapeake Lavender spelled with "...Ar" when it I believe it should be Lavend-E-r.

Really beautiful site, can't wait to see pics of the products!
Beautiful website!
I understand how you love the bay as I live in front of one myself.
Often we experience dolphins jumping at around 6:00 pm.
Thank you for sharing.
I think your site is very clean and crisp. I really feel the bay (if that makes any sense). I really like it. :) Did you take those pics yourself. Well done. Well placed.

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