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Nov 18, 2006
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What do you people do for fun? What other hobbies and interests do you have?

I love painting. Oils are my favorite. I do a little watercolor now and then.
I like to bake. Anything chocolate is my favorite. I love spending time with my dogs too. I love to take them for walks and to the park.
writting, I also enjoy sewing, and drawing. And studying natural alternatives to things, as well as healthy eating ideas.
I am trying to learn how to make quilts & teddy bears. Not easy in a town like mine where there are no classes, groups, etc. I rely on my Grandma for advice very heavily.

I love to bake. I do 'bikkie friday' at work, and always try to make something new. Not so easy at the moment, as we are having a new kitchen installed, which is taking forever.....
I like to read, sew (my 2nd child was in cloth diapers all self made for the first 20 months -then I got tired of the laundry :lol: ), be outdoors hiking, riding the bicycle. I'm also a bit of a gym rat, loving cardio and weights, but lately I've been too tired (ever since our 2nd kid pretty much *lol*) and stuck with yoga and pilates at home.

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