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Feb 15, 2024
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I made what was meant to be a purple/white ombre the other day and had a difficult time getting my white batter white. Some of that was an issue with undispersed titanium dioxide but I think my soap was also just extra yellow. Too much olive oil?

35% olive oil
33% palm oil
20% coconut oil
7% shea butter
5% castor oil
I use RBO in my soaps and I find that my RBO recipes tend towards yellow. I am in the process of replacing my RBO for a "whiter" oil like Sunflower/Canola. I do like the feel of RBO in my soaps but prefer a naturally white soap so I don't have to TD it so much.

Looking at the recipe, palm could contribute to slight yellowness. Depending on how yellow it originally was. I'm not sure there is a lighter coloured RBO available. Not in my area at least.

I compared my soaps with the same recipe (CO, PO, OP) but with RBO swapped for Lard. Purple one is with 10% Lard while the blue one is with 10% RBO. Both had TD added to whiten. The blue is obviously leaning towards green due to RBO.


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RBO is very yellow compared to the OO I use. I use 20% of each - so that's more than your 35%. Definitely switch from Extra Virgin if that's what you are using - it's expensive and not needed for soap. Aside from that all other oils/fats I use, but for 5% avocado, are very white. Yes my batter is a bit yellow, but even without TD it does cure out to a creamy white colour. Also consider things like yellowing FOs and water alternatives such as aloe juice - as they can contribute to yellow soap.

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