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So, I was short a couple of additives for the recipe I bought. But, I couldn’t resist giving it all a try. I’m a little disappointed in my cloud mold, I feel like it’s not deep enough. I wish the manual press was taller and the lever longer, but it helps with compressing. I’m still not totally sure what the right texture should be. But I’ll try again when I have everything. I did the drop/squeeze test and looked for wet sand, I still don’t get it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Here’s my giant disaster mess. Should be easier to wash than soap dishes!!


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Posting this separate because I’m super excited about it!! Have any of you seen this being done before? I have not.
What does every kid want in their bath bomb? (At least my grand babies do.) A TOY!!!
So the other day I was literally googling and searching trying to find biodegradable party favors of some kind.
So, there I was stumbling through my first awkward attempt at making bath bombs and I look up at my menagerie of little soap dough creatures. 🤯💡🎉 Little dinosaurs! A biodegradable toy! They won’t last forever, but I’d bet they’ll still last longer than the kids interest!!
I am SUPER excited to be able to proudly state “SURPRISE TOY INSIDE” (biodegradable)
So some I buried inside, and some I put on the surface to show as a decoration.


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Also, I’ve been worried about humidity and drying. My soap making studio in the garage is drafty, and it’s humid where I live near the ocean.
Then I remembered I have an ancient dehydrator! Yippeee skippy!
Put it on low-ish heat.


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I was going to mention… the cloud mold… I’ve seen people put rainbow embeds in the middle of the cloud bomb. So when it’s in the tub it shoots off a 🌈! Like this:
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Rainbow bath bomb w/embeds!!!
I bought a mold and some embeds just so I could do these! I couldn’t pull it off today though. I think my mix was too dry maybe? Also, I think my cloud mold is too shallow.

And, I guess others have made soap embeds too. I was naively hoping I was the first. Nothing new under the sun! Now I want more tiny fondant molds to make surprise “toys” for the kids!
Cada Molds has a free recipe on their site and FB page. I am in Florida and have made a gazillion different recipes that failed. This one comes out perfect every time. This YouTube channel is helpful for colorant info and embeds.

Cool! Thank you. I bought a high humidity recipe and an e book from Home New but it’s always good to have options! I’ll check out their channel too Thank you!