Batch #33 Cucumber Melon (Whipped)

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Nov 28, 2007
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Batch #33 Cucumber Melon whipped soap

Ingredients: Coconut oil 4 oz., Lard 4 oz., Canola oil 3 oz.,
Palm Kernel 2 oz., Castor 1 oz. Olive 2 oz Palm 4 oz. (orange) [total oils 20 oz.]

Additives: .5 oz aloe, .5 oz. Vitamin E, .5 oz. Glycerin

1.25 oz. FO Cucumber Mellon
Aquamarine to achieve Green color
discounted water by 1. oz. water 6.6, lye 2.86 ( 5 % super fat)

Hardness 44 Cleansing 20 Condition 51 Bubbly 24 Creamy 28
Iodine 55 INS 151
Some of the benifits to this type of soap are no temperature measurements, no trace, all ingredients are chilled cold. No since of urgency when mixing and coloring. No gelling, No insulating the mold.
this batch took 24 hours before I could unmold it.

this is a small batch, only 20oz. but it made 12 bars. here are the solf and hard oils:

hard oils beaten, man that looks good!:

all oils plus color and fragrance:

experimental var-fit mold:

Rough cut and finish cut bars with Soap box:
OMG those look totally AWESOME, and your boxes are super creative, and look very profesional !!!!!
Thank you Faithy. The smell came out great and the color is about right and I'm getting this whipped soap cutting then fiquired out.
I LOVE them
! Great color and process!

I am waiting for the day I can finally get a standing mixer... *sigh*
Very nice and I like your boxes to.

I use fresh cucumber puree in mine also skin and all

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