Batch #32 2nd Whipped soap

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Nov 28, 2007
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Batch #32 7 bar mix whipped soap

Ingredients: Coconut oil 3 oz., Lard 2 oz., Canola oil 2 oz.,
Palm Kernel 1 oz., Castor 1 oz. Palm oil 5 oz. (orange) Olive 2 oz. [total oils 16 oz.]
Additives: .5 oz aloe, .5 oz. Vitamin E, .5 oz. Glycerin
1.25 oz. FO ( 1.0 oz. Passion Beach, .5 oz. Orange EO)
discounted water by 1. oz. water 6.6, lye 2.86 ( 5 % super fat)

with this type of soap Ive been trying to keep the liquid oils at
around 30% and the Castor at no more than 5%

Hardness 43 Cleansing 17 Condition 53 Bubbly 22 Creamy 32
Iodine 56 INS 149
wonderful Yellow color, mixed all ingredients ice cold, no seize.
Cut log with Guitar string

This type of soap is challenging in its own way but has some benefits
over regular CP. the red specs are red coral mica.

Ramdon Photo, Jewelweed in bloom:
ok that's it, now this really looks like a dollop of squash !!!!!!

Your very hard on a girls figure posting all these pictures of food, cause now i'm hungry........

*wonders* if adding butter and salt and pepper to the screen will allow me a little taste.....
LOL.. you know just before I added the FO's and the Lye I was thinking how great it would to add some powdered sugar and use it for a cake frosting. it was sooooo creamy.
Ooooooh don't I know it, i was thinking similar thoughts today as I was making my soaps.
Both batches 31 & 32 look great, nice save on #31. Gorgeous floral pics, too. Great job as always!!
here are the cut bars. they turned out really nice and the smell is wonderful.

Hey Neil, how long is the cure time on whipped soap? Is it longer because of no gel phase?
Is that how Im to understand it......You don't gel this soap?
right there is no gell stage. If its allowed to gell it will take out the air and become a mess. The cure time Is longer because of no gell. But mine have been at a low enough PH for me to use in just a few day. My wife has very sensitive skin and all my soaps must cure 30 days for her , gell or no gell.