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Nov 28, 2007
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Batch #31 semi-whipped soap

Ingredients: Coconut oil 4 oz., Lard 2 oz., Canola oil 3 oz.,
Palm Kernel 2 oz., Castor 1 oz. Olive 2 oz. [total oils 20 oz.]
Additives: .5 oz aloe, .5 oz. Vitamin E, .5 oz. Glycerin

1 oz. FO Orange Rain
discounted water by 1. oz. water 6.6, lye 2.86 ( 5 % super fat)

Hardness 41 Cleansing 20 Condition 51 Bubbly 24 Creamy 29
Iodine 55 INS 151

separated 1/3 for color, added Aquamarine to get green.
Both base and separated seized big time because the Lye water was warm. Put back in mixer and added 2 oz. Of Olive oil and blended on high until I could manage getting it in the mold.

I managed to save the batch and it came out great:

you can see from the close up it looks like a rebatch:

This Flower I found way out in the woods while four wheeling,
no idea what its called but I brought it home and it survived:
where is the butter and salt and pepper.....

it makes me almost think of a dollop of squash..... now i want some!!!

Why does soap so often make us think of food.........

*holds rumbling tummy*

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