Batch #22 Coconut-Mango w/ coconut milk

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Nov 28, 2007
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Batch #22 coconut-mango

A very luxurious soap using the following recipe:
Coconut oil (76) 6 oz.
Mango Butter 2 oz.
Castor oil 2 oz.
Shea Butter 2 oz.
Olive oil 8 oz.
Grape seed oil 2 oz. Total 22 oz.

Lye 3 oz. water 8.36 (discounted to 6 oz)

Additives at trace:
.5 oz. Aloe gel
.5 oz. Vitamin E
.5 oz. Glycerin
2 oz. Coconut milk
½ teaspoon Sugar
.5 oz Coconut FO
½ oz. paprika in olive oil
[this is alot to add 4.5 oz. at trace for such a small batch]
Separated 25% for coloring

hardness 37 Cleansing 18 Condition 59 Bubbly 26 Creamy 27
Iodine 62 INS 148

bars just after cut , very oily,Not lye acually clear oil, I supect from the coconut milk. next time I need to adjust the super fatting accordingly. The oiliness subsides after a few hours of drying. The coconut smell is wonderful.

here are the bars the next day, Notice the oiliness has subsided however some black spots have appeared.


On my next trip to the soap Lab (my back porch) I'll be more prepared for this type of batch. Im also going to add some mango FO with Coconut FO next time.

Just because I love to Capture God's creation, Here is a look out my Kitchen window. The Lord has blessed me exceedingly!

They look wonderful. I wish I had smell-a-vision.

What a beautiful view you have from your kitchen. That truly is a gift to you. :)
Awe inspiring view from your kitchen, Neil, and the soaps aren't too bad either! :wink: :lol:
Keep those test batches rolling out! You are doing fantastic and have came a long way, Neil! :D

When at times of lack of desire to continue making soap I find this place so very comforting. The kindness here is a hidden treasure in this hobby.
It isnt always easy to be kind it takes effort. I thank everyone from my heart for all the effort to keep this place what it is, The best Forum I've ever been on!!!!
I had to show my husband your "kitchen view" picture! (says your soaps look great too!) We miss our "view". We use to live out in the country in Iowa. Out in Las Vegas, you don't get much of a snowy, dreamy sight. But I will say, the morning mountains are stunning... I'll have to start picture replying ya! :wink:
Great job as always Neil. I bet it smells wonderful.

I made a batch this weekend that looked like it sweat-ed also.

I love the mountains, your view is gorgeous.
look how dark these bars became, only after a few days. Any ideas what may have caused it? The coconut FO perhaps?
And they are still very oily, perhaps from the coconut milk. I didnt account for it in the lye calculation.


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