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Jan 25, 2008
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Well, I've made another batch of soap. About 2 lbs. of it. Faithy helped me choose the oils to use. Faithy, thank you for all of your help and input! Now, if I could just learn to make soap!!!!! :lol:

Since I have learned that grams are much more accurate than ounces, I've been using grams to measure. I used the RTCP method. Here's the recipe I used this time:

  • Crisco 155g
    Lard 125g
    Olive Oil 105g
    Coconut Oil 185g
    Castor Oil 50g
    Vitamin E 15g
    Liquid (Green Tea 115g & Goat's Milk 120g) 235g
    Lye 90g
I first made a rather strong green tea and let it cool. Then, I took 115g of the tea and added the lye to it. When I stirred in the lye, the liquid became somewhat thick and turned almost black. But, I set it aside and let it cool.

Meanwhile, I melted and mixed my oils (including the Vitamin E). After they cooled, I added 2 teaspoons of tumeric (shooting for a orange/yellow color) and the tea leaves from one bag of tea (for a mild exfoliant) to the oils. I used the SB to make sure everything was well blended.

After everything became room temp, I stirred in the lye tea. I began blending with the SB. When the soap reached trace, I added the 120g of GM and 1 oz. of Lemon Merenge FO. I continued blending with the SB until eveything was well mixed.

At this point, the soap had a rather sharp lemon fragrance and was (what I called) a baby poop orangy brown! Ergo, the name of this thread! :lol: So, I poured it into the mold.

It quickly developed a skim that was the orange color that you see around the edges in the pics below. But, as it heated up, it became very dark and took on a jelly-like appearance.

I don't know how this will turn out. I'm going to give it until tomorrow before I pass judgement. But, right now, it looks.... well.... like crap to me!

Here are the pics:



Hey Faithy... I figured out how to write on my pics! Can you tell???? :lol: :lol:
ok now how do i clean diet pepsi off my keyboard????????

OMG I'm still laughing........

But i love the writing on the pictures !!!

Job well done !!!!! (oh and the soap looks uh... GREAT as well !!!! )
:lol: :p :lol: :p :lol: :p :lol:

Faithy, you're as full of it as I am!!! To me the top of the soap looks kind of like King Tut's skin!! But, thanks for being... uh... nice!!

:lol: :p :lol: :p :lol: :p :lol:
LOL Oh My............

Maybe you could sell it as an ethenic soap...... make millions ya know...
Just wrap it in pretty fabnric & no one will be the wiser :wink: !
O Robert, don't be so hard on yourself! You didn't burn your skin off with the sodium hydroxide or get the fresh batter in your eyes, so everything else is good. :lol:
It looks, like, a big long fudge bar! :wink: Next one will turn out perfectly I'm thinking. 8)

You need to come to the Tennessee Soap Convention! You can help me in my demo, and win a new TOG Mold!:)

Paul :wink:
Tabitha, I hope you're right!! My wife and I may end up using this for ourselves!! :)

Paul and dragonfly princess, it may look like fudge to you.... but, I don't think it would taste anything like it!! :) I don't know though... it might taste like my ex-wife's fudge!! YUCK!!!! :lol:

Dragonfly Princess, that is a very rare and hard to find mold!! It's a Priority Mail box with a freezer paper liner!! 8)

Paul, I would love to come to the convention. But, as tight as money is, I just don't know how I could. Besides, I can only walk short distances without having to sit down. My wife can only walk about 30 to 40 feet without having to sit down. And, we don't have a wheelchair for her. And, I don't want to go off and leave her by herself all day like that. But, who knows.... a miracle of some kind may happen between now and then!!

You guys are all so very kind.... very kind. Thank you for your imput!!

it's all a learning curve, and will result in soap in the end, which is what we strive for. :wink:

i'm thinking between the green tea ( it's pretty dark when madeup ) and the fragrance oil may have a high content of vanilla it in resulting in the dark brown soap.

you can always freeze your tea, or pureed veggies, coffee or the like into cubes and use the cubes to mix with your lye, this will help keep them from overheating and sometimes smelling like a barnyard.

check the fragrance review board for notes posted if a particular fragrance will discolor. not all fragrance suppliers are good about having this info posted on their site when they list the description of the fragrance. so this site is ever so helpful.

Thanks Barb. But, I don't think the FO had anything to do with the color. It is a very dark (almost black) orange. I think the dark color was directly related to combining the tumeric colored oils with the black color that was made by the green tea/lye mixture.

If I had frozen the tea before mixing it with the lye, I would have had no liquid to mix the lye with until the tea thawed. I didn't want to mix it with the goat's milk, because I didn't want to overheat it. I don't know how I would use 1/2 of the liquid to make green tea and use goat's milk for the other 1/2 without overheating something. The next time, I may just leave the green tea off. Or maybe make it much, much weaker. Or, the next time I may just leave the green tea off.

sweetie you use the frozen tea ice cubes to mix with your lye. weigh them out in your container and then either add the lye slowly a little bit at a time till it's all mixed in your you can do like i do and add it all at once and just keep stirring till all the cubes are melted. believe me they will all melt, and this will keep the tea ( you can do this method with your fresh milk too) from getting to hot.

i freeze all the off the wall stuff i use to combine my lye with this way. pureed cucumbers, pumpkin, carrot juice, even my aloe vera juice, coffee, cream or fresh goats milk. it reallys helps from cooking it that way.

Okay... I thought you had to have something in a liquid state (such as water) to begin with. I didn't realize that it was alright to start out with all the liquid as frozen cubes and add the lye directly to that and only that. Thank you for clearing that up for me!!

I'm not stupid.... really... I'm not! But, there are many times that it is just impossible for me to see the forest because of all the trees in the way!! :lol: It is at times like that when I am greatful for someone like you Barb... someone who can trim some of the trees back for me!! :lol: 8)

I'm not stupid.... really... I'm not!

never even crossed my mind.

i would have said so sooner, but we had a break in the weather and i was gone most of the day on saturday, running errands. quess the family thought we need to eat so grocery shopping topped of the list. good thing i went out yesterday cause we are in the middle of a freezing rain storm.

Faithy.... you're a nut!!!!!!!!

Barb, I knew you weren't thinking that I was stupid. You don't strike me as that kind of person. :) But, I felt stupid. Not your fault at all. I just get really ticked off at myself when I can't see/understand something sooo simple. I tend to expect perfection out of myself. And, this old clay body just isn't perfect! It frustrates me. :roll: But, one of these days that will all change!! 8)

Like I said, I am very thankful for folks like you who are willing to take the time to... well... draw me a map! :D

I hope you have better weather comming your way soon. I don't understand why people think they have to eat! Guess it's just one of those human flaws, huh?? :lol: :lol:

I don't understand why people think they have to eat! Guess it's just one of those human flaws, huh??

especially when my kitchen is dedicated to soapmaking first and formost, :wink:
Barb said:
I don't understand why people think they have to eat! Guess it's just one of those human flaws, huh??

especially when my kitchen is dedicated to soapmaking first and formost, :wink:

*whew* I'm not the only one who's kitchen looks more like a lab than a kitchen for cooking food.
Robert, I'm thinking how wonderful it is that you're learning so many new things. How awesome, and no need to beat yourself up. :)

Can't wait to hear how your soap turns out. The photos are nice, too -- and I love that you've put text on them! (I've yet to figure out how to post a photo, let alone add print to it!)

You're doing a great job... Keep up the good work! (Guess I better go find the tutorials I've read about here, lol.)

You PEOPLE!!!! I needed to laugh this a.m. I came to work & had to dive head first into server problems first thing. When I finally could come up for air, I read these posts.

Thanks for the laughs!!!! Thanks again, Robert for continuing to bravely share your progress with us. I'm still waiting for my supplies, so I'll eventually join you in posting what I'm sure will be some not perfect soaps, & probably some outright failures! When things go to crap, I'll think of you, suck in the tears & keep trying!!!


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