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Oct 19, 2020
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dragon nest, soap porch, garden, or goat pen
Some of my recent makes:

Wow, you guys have all been holding out on us. So cool.

I had to google "amigurumi" but now am obsessed with learning how to do it, even though I'm dexterity challenged. For the others who didn't know the word:

ETA: OK, having googled "how hard is it to do amigurumi" I am content to revel in your successes, so I hope you and @Nona'sFarm keep posting your creations.
I'm just learning to crochet and have made a couple amigurumi, they don't look very good and I've learned I hate crocheting in the round.
I did get yarn to make pop tarts and one of these days I will try a bee or maybe a frog.
None of my creations looked too good when I first started. lt is just a craft after all and the more you do, the more tips you pick up, and the better your items look. You should have seen my first scarves 😲 and they are supposed to be easy to make. I don't consider myself particularly creative, just "crafty." I mostly purchase patterns created by others. The only items I've yet to design are soap bags and scrubby washcloths. Some people find crocheting relaxing. I haven't noticed it to be particularly relaxing, but like many crafts it helps you focus on something else besides your day to day stresses and in that it brings its own inner peace for me. I like smaller projects as I get a lot of self satisfaction in seeing the item completed.
My main point is, don't give up unless you just find it totally frustrating, because with practice, you will undoubtedly get better and be happier with your results. (More than one of my first amigurumies became dog toys, as the dog does not care how perfect it looks.)
I tried knitting and crocheting, but it wasn’t until I discovered Tunisian crochet that I fell in love. I haven’t stopped making washcloths for the past month.

I think amigurumi is beyond me, but that horse and dragon are tempting!! So cute!
Dishcloths -- until you figure how you like to hold your yarn and hook, and feel comfortable with your stitching, it doesn't matter if they don't come out perfect, they'll still clean your dishes!
Crochet is basically three movements combined in different ways.
Ok... I'm obsessing over the dragon (the plum pony is adorable too!). If you decide to sell, please let me know, I need a (another) dragon : )
I’m flattered! Thank you! I’m not sure you would like the price of the dragon if I sold it. It took me about 10 hours to make it. This dragon likes to sit on my pantry shelf and guards the oatmeal.

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