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Jan 10, 2008
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I ve found my next craft "To Do"....

Make home-made Mozzarella!!!....

I have spent all day (at work) researching how to make it...I think once I get payed Im going to make that...some of my marinara (must pronounce it"maDInaDA"), and some home made pizza dough and then try to make up my own frozen pizzas!!! :)....

the three Ill start with:

Pizza Margarita (sauce, sliced tomatoes and cheese)

Pizza blanco (white ...home made rigotta cheese with spinach! )

Pizza romana (anchovies, roasted garlic cloves and roasted red peppers (and juliene hot red peppers))...

Bang zoom straaaaaaaaaight do da moon pizza!: The works:Italian sausage, pepperoni's, roast red peppers and garlic, fresh pesto, lamb meatballs????!, chopped hot peppers, cheese

Stay tuned.....
How do you make Mozzarella if you're not a cow?

Why not tackle making fresh pizza before tackling frozen?

I suck the light out of subjects. ;)
oh I got fresh doooown diggity...

:) no rookie in the italian restaurant and crap (mannn that job SUCKED! I worked for moousilini!!!)....

to make mozz., its kind of like making soap only heat and cold are the catalyst of change...that and rennet..

Im still learning but check this out:


[ame=""] ... re=related[/ame] (NEW YORK REPRESEEEENT!)

[ame=""] ... re=related[/ame]

Now from what I understand about can freeze them after the 1st time you need them (after making the sponge, and the dough, letting each sit&rise 1x....) then you can freeze it, the yeast will go into stasis...(before you freeze youd have to put your ingredients on it, then lay on cardboard, plastic wrap it (the top only)...and let it sit til frozen, when its stiff enough to pick up with no bending then cover completely with saran wrap....).... kind of taking what Ive seen in bread making and olive garden pizza pushing it further (and more wholistic)...they get their dough frozen, its thawed, proofed, then pizza's to order
You're tempting me. I have made pizza before, using better ingredients than store bought. I'll have to give this some thought. It's getting late. Somebody just set off some fireworks. My dog is having a cow. :(

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