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Dec 19, 2007
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Paso Robles, CA
Hi there -- I did see the Aloe Juice at Wally World tonight - and am wondering if the color comes through in the soap? I have aloe juice that I purchased from somewhere else which is clear... Just curious

Hi Rachelle. The aloe vera juice I use is a off colour, not clear. Since I use goat's milk, it is hard for me to say. When I mix my lye into my aloe vera juice, and add my silk, the resulting 50% solution is a yellowish tan colour. Perhaps Faithy will see this soon and comment.

I'm also hopelessly addicted to aloe juice. While it's more of a semi-transparant liquid with a golden yellowish hue to it.

I haven't used it as my main liquid alone either, I use either goat's milk or heavy cream in my soaps just because I like the benefits from the milks. But with my dairy soaps I don't notice the color coming through.

And the color is so faint I can't imagine it coming through in the soaps if it was just made with aloe vera juice. But I also think that your other ingredients are going to make a bigger difference. The coloring of your oils and butters and whatnot. Oh and any fragrance I would think would have a bigger impact on your soap.

But Paul also got me started in using in using silk as well.........
But from the soaps I made before I got the silk it didn't affect the coloring of my soap.
Hi All

Thanks Faithy ... Well its strange - the current Aloe Juice gallon that I have is clear like water - but I saw the Wally World juice and its tinged slightly. Just curious.
Take Care,
Where did you purchase your aloe juice and has it always been that color?

This is the only aloe vera juice that I've ever seen and worked with so I have nothing to compare it to.

But here is a picture of the jug that I have. I removed the label so you could see it better. *sigh* going to have get another jug soon... :D

LOL - I had to get my jug and see what kind it was! :) Its "George's Always Active Aloe - 100% Aloe Vera Fractionally Distilled Liquid from Aloe Vera Leaves - no preseratives or additives. Here is the website

I purchase it from our local natural health food market.

I wonder what the differences are.

You can get it for $5.50 per gallon at Sam's.
Brand name "Natural Request"
It is pretty clear.
**We have a small Sam's, so I bought 4 gallons in case they don't keep it...

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