Allllllright touchin off in style from your resident DJ....

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Jan 10, 2008
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Alright right about now touchin off in style from your resident Dj Ital-Ian....Ites children Ites... listen up....this will be a playlist of all the newest tunes to keep you bouncing and the Irie summer vibes breezin through your situation no matter the place or the time......

Peace Love and Guidance ....Word Sound and Power

Startin off slow we must start with the foundation and touch off on some tings from the late great Robert Nesta Marley ..

1) Running Away- Marley
2)Forever Loving Jah- Marley
3)War/ No more trouble- Marley

alright for all you easy rockers out there keepin the vibes flowing...bout time fi a likker change of pace...

the original fire-man Capleton touchin off because words are true...

4)That day will come- Capleton

and now for a likker tune from the man they call Jah Mason...IRIE sounds... Bless...

5) Bow - Jah Mason

Yes I, keepin it moving...because ya know life sometimes life a throw some situation .... Never forget the present situation ...IanI can only live in the present, not future nor past and thus make the best of situations as they come....

6) So Rotten- JahMali

Alright life is straight up, time to wake up and praise up....give thanks for the life youve got to live :)

7)Straight up- Junior Kelly and Sizzla

Now about time to touch pon a classic tune inno by the mystic revealers.......chant bobo dread chant!

8 ) Chant of Your chanting- Mystic Revealers

and a tragic story this one... Natasja, one of Jamaica's foremost artists...a woman who was really going to be something. This new influence to the reggae community was tragically killed in a car accident in JA... listen up ...straight from the heart 45 questions from Natasja!

9 ) 45 questions- Natasja

alright.... keep the vibes moving... got to teach the youths of today because the streets are rough and tumble and them need a little release from the struggle...

10) Youths are so cold- Richie Spice

alright and a bit of a peace tune inno... too much war going on and we just fight against mass destruction...

11) No More weopons- Steel Pulse

And this likker tune because sometimes the grass is not always greener

12) Visa- Yellow Man and Junior Reid.

Irie Ites!!!
Glory to sound, Glory to power....Give thanks...
Enjoy the tunes.. more soon come :)